Radiation delivered precisely to the tumor will arrest its growth while minimizing injury to surrounding nerves and brain tissue. does viagra affect women take In 1987, the international launch of the gamma knife was begun, and the first unit was installed in the united states in pittsburgh. Gamma knife technology has evolved over the years as have the gamma knife machines. what is pink viagra for women The gamma knife center at monmouth medical center utilizes the gamma knife c® unit, the latest technology employing an automatic positioning system. During the treatment, 201 small beams of gamma radiation from a cobalt-60 source are aimed at a target in the brain. A high dose of radiation is delivered to the targeted area, but very little radiation is delivered to the surrounding normal brain structures. what is pink viagra for women Radiosurgery is delivered as a one-time, outpatient treatment, and patients generally are discharged within a few hours. generic viagra Gamma knife patients have benefited from treatment with high success rates and little risk of complications. viagra fast shipping There are obvious advantages to radiosurgery including its non-invasive nature, its shortened immediate recovery time, its preservation of surrounding normal brain tissue, and its value as an alternative for patients unable or unwilling to undergo surgery. On the other hand, radiosurgery is limited to small or medium lesions. buy viagra canada Where tumors are concerned, the patient should be aware that radiosurgical treatment is a means to seek to control the tumor’s growth without removing it. The source of radiation used in radiosurgery with the gamma knife is radioactive cobalt. The radiation is called a gamma ray when it comes from a cobalt source. The treatment team consists of a neurosurgeon, a radiation oncologist, a medical physicist, and a nurse. purchase generic viagra The physicians and physicists work together to develop a treatment plan based on the size and shape of the targeted lesion. cheap viagra for sale uk In radiosurgery patients, tumor cell growth is not arrested immediately. Some tumor cells die in a matter of weeks, but others do so more gradually, generally six to eighteen months after treatment. viagra no prescription The treatment usually stops the growth of the tumor, and some tumors will shrink in size, but the tumor does not disappear. cheap viagra Tumor growth is controlled in a high percentage of cases, but some tumors continue to grow despite the treatment. generic for viagra in the usa It is not possible to determine which tumors will grow larger and which will not. Periodic mri imaging is necessary to monitor this possibility. [ top ] information & resources how gamma knife works gamma knife treatment history of gamma knife support associations. buy generic viagra online with mastercard