Bassett: Campell Road & North 11 Mile.
Barton North: Pingree & Troy, East of Main, North of 11 Mile.
Barton South: Troy & University, East of Main, North of 11 Mile.
Beechwood: Crooks & Walnut, North of 12 Mile.
Clawson: Woodland & Essex, South of 13 Mile near train tracks.
Cody: Cody Avenue & 12 Mile Road, East of Rochester Road.
Community Center: University & Main, North of 11 Mile.
Cummingston: Torquary & Teafdale, North of 14 Mile btween Crooks & Coolidge.
Dickinson Park: Springer & Amherst, North fo 13 Mile, East of Greenfield.
Dondero: Dondero & Hoffman, North of 10 Mile, East of Main Street.
Elks: Normady and Rosewood, West of Crooks.
Exchange: Campbell & Montrose, between 13 & 14 Mile.
Fernwood: On Fernwood between Austin & Farnum, South of Catalpa, East of Woodward.
Fries: On Normandy Road at Greenfield Road.
Franklin: Harrison & Mohawk, between 10 Mile & Lincoln.
Fulton: Fulton & Verona Circle, North of Normandy, West of Woolward.
Grant: Fifthe & Kayser, South of Fourth, West of Campbell.
Gunn Dyser: Chester & Hampton between Woodward & Coolidge.
Huntington Woods: Corner of Harrison & Dundee, West of Woodward.
Hudson: Hudson, between Knowles & Batavia, South of Lincoln.
Kenwood: Kenwoo & Forest, East of Campbell, South of Gardenia.
Lawson: Irving & Parent, North of 10 Mile, East of Main.
Lockmon: Connecticut & Dervy, South of 12 Mile, West of Campbell.
Maddock: Lincoln & Stepehnson Hwy., West of Chryslter Drive.
Marais (Dickie Putnam): Marais & Vinsetts, Northeast Corner.
Marks: Second & Blair, South of 11 Mile, West of Campbell.
Mark Twain: Campbell Road, South of 14 Mile.
Maudlin: Cooper Avenue & Samoset, South of 14 Mile, East of Woodward.
Meininger: Maxwell & Farnum, South of Catalpa, West of Washington.
Memorial: Woodward & 13 Mile Road, North of 13 Mile.
Miller: Garden, North of Webster, West of Beaumont Hospital.
Pioneer: Parkway Drive & Normandy Road, West of Awoodward.
Quickstad: Marais, between Normandy & Lexington.
Realtor: Main Street & Sunnybrook, North of 13 Mile Road.
Red Run: Girard & Vermont, West of Campbell, between 12 & 13 Mile.
Rotary: Between Bembridge & Shenandoah, on 13 Mile Road.
Starr/JC: Conrner of 13 Mile & Marais.
Sullivan: Greenfield Road & Samoset, North of Woodward.
Sunnybrook: Sunnybrook & Rochester, North of 13 Mile.
13 Mile/Main: Mai and 13 Mile.
Upton: Makota & Mandalay, South of 14 Mile, West of Coolidge.
V.F.W.: Campbell & Lincoln (702 S. Campbell).
Wagner: Detroit Avenue between Rochester Road and Main, North of 12 Mile.
Wendland: Rhode Island Avenue & Delaware, East of Main, North of 10 Mile Road.
Westwood: Between Parker Drive & Warick Road & between Wiidward & Coolidge.
Whittier: Farnum & Alexander, North of 11 Mile Road.
Worden: Lexington & Croods, North of 13 Mile Road.
Worden East: Lexington & Mt. Vernon, East of Marais.
Woodsboro: On Woodsboro, corner of Hilldale, Woodsboro & RR South of 12 Mile.
Waterworks: Marywood & Loyd, East of Crooks, North of 12 Mile.

For more information, call: Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce (810) 546-4000.